Waxing & Hair Removal

Only sterile Waxing & Hair removal treatment techniques, and non-recycled, high quality wax is used for Skin Spa customers…please keep this in mind when choosing your next treatment!

Unfortunately, we hear from some clients that have been to the “Budget Barns,” that have paid less, been bruised and have had less than polished staff removing hair from, well, more private areas, in less than desirable ways.

We have heard also that the feeling of laying on a clear vinyl sheet, that every other customer has done; is also less than appealing. In fact, we hear,  “it is very off putting, when all of a sudden I start developing acne on my back, which I have not had since I was in my teens.”

Skin Spa customers can expect fresh bed lining with every Waxing & Hair removal treatment. Every time. We don’t believe that our valued customers should have their derriere acquainting itself with our previous client.  We religiously sterilise all client facing areas, every treatment, every single time! Always have done, Always will!


Here is what our customers say:

“…wow, she is fast and smiles whilst it is done effortlessly…”

“…the most painless and fastest waxer I have experienced. Thank you…”

“…why have I bothered going elsewhere, Margy is the best therapist I have come across…”

Lip Wax$20
Chin Wax$20
Precision Eyebrow Wax$28
Eyebrow, Lip & Chin Wax$52
Underarm Wax$25
Leg Wax Full$64
Full Face Wax$55
Bikini Wax$35
G-String Wax$46
Brazillian WaxRegular $57
Brazilian Wax1st Time $65
Full Leg & Bikini$70
Full Leg & G-String Wax$90
1/2 Leg & Bikini$68
1/2 Leg & G-String Wax$78
Full Leg & Brazilian$109
Arm Wax Full$48
Arm Wax ½$38
Mens Full leg$77
Mens Chest & Stomach$81
Mens Back$54