Waxing & Hair Removal

Skin Spa has delivered literally 000’s of waxing and hair removal treatments and uses high quality waxes from Mancine and Europe.

We ensure that only sterile waxing & hair removal treatment techniques and non-recycled, high quality wax is used for Skin Spa customers…please keep this in mind when choosing your next service provider!

Skin Spa customers can expect fresh bed lining with every waxing & hair removal treatment. Every time. We don’t believe that our valued customers should have their derriere acquainting itself with our previous client. We religiously sterilise all client facing areas, every treatment, every single time!

Waxing often attracts a few questions, so feel free to read on and either call us on 07 3366 1800 OR book online below, once you feel comfortable…

So those questions…

I am considering a G-string or Brazilian wax and I am worried about the whole process…?

Clients can feel relaxed in our private, secure and sound-proofed rooms. Skin Spa therapists are suitably qualified and experienced to make it a seamless and fast experience for you.

Unfortunately, we hear from some clients that have been to the “Budget Barns,” that have paid less, been bruised and have had less than capable staff removing hair from, well, more private areas, in less than desirable ways.

We have heard also that the feeling of laying on a clear vinyl sheet, that every other customer has done; is also less than appealing. In fact, we hear,  “it is very off putting, when all of a sudden I start developing acne on my back, which I have not had since I was in my teens.” – Note: Acne can be transferred from hair follicle to hair follicle.

I am worried about ingrown hairs after waxing; what can I do to avoid them?

Skin Spa suggests that you wait for 5 days after waxing. Then it is ideal to exfoliate using a loofah with a mild soap, or apply a body scrub to the treated area, using a circular motion. This is vital to ensure that the emerging hair will not embed underneath the skin becoming irritated at first, then infected.

Avoiding hot showers, chlorinated swimming pools, strenuous exercise, saunas / spas, and sun exposure is advised for the first 24 hours.

Wearing loose and comfortable clothing will also prevent clothes from rubbing on sensitive skin.

Applying a suitable post waxing, tea-tree oil product available from your local Chemist will also assist in keeping bacteria at bay.

Can I go to the gym after intimate waxing?

It is strongly advised to skip a day in your training schedule whether it be sport or the gym, as sweat can harbor bacteria leading to possible irritation and a pre-cursor to infection.

Should I avoid sun exposure to my legs after waxing?

It is advisable to skip sunlight exposure for at least 24 hours after a waxing treatment to avoid irritation.

Does waxing last longer than shaving?

Yes it does, in fact long term waxing will; in most cases, thin hair out slightly and be the preferred choice for those with sensitive skin.

I have fine hair or peach fuzz all over my face…What do you suggest?

In most cases Skin Spa would recommend that you consider Dermaplaning. It is a rapid and safe exfoliating treatment, which removes dead skin cells and most importantly, fine vellus hairs (AKA peach fuzz) from the face and neck areas.

Dermaplaning delivers tangible and visible results at low cost and does not include down-time.

Dermaplaning is suitable for all skin types and the method has been in use for many years; and its benefits continues to surge in popularity worldwide due to its dual benefit.

Please look at the Skin Spa dermaplaning page right here: https://skinspa.com.au/dermaplaning-peach-fuzz-removal/

I would like to remove bulk hair (all over me) prior to summer, what method do you recommend?

We use AW3 IPL technology. Skin Spa therapists are fully licensed and experienced and can deliver permanent hair reduction to your chosen areas. Hair removal technology can, however, have performance variables between person to person. We suggest you read more here;


I have the odd rogue hair growing from my chin and face and even on my shoulder… help, is there anything you can do?

Skin Spa has another hair removal weapon in its arsenal to help our clients. We offer electrolysis which will permanently kill or remove each hair permanently. No grow-backs, no questions. The good news is that it is instant, stings like a small mosquito, but costs very little.

You can read more about electrolysis here:



Here is what our customers say:

“…wow, she is fast and smiles whilst it is done effortlessly…”

“…the most painless and fastest waxer I have experienced. Thank you…”

“…why have I bothered going elsewhere, Margy is the best therapist I have come across…” 


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Lip Wax$20
Chin Wax$20
Precision Eyebrow Wax$28
Eyebrow, Lip & Chin Wax$52
Underarm Wax$25
Leg Wax Full$63
Full Face Wax$61
Bikini Wax$39
G-String Wax$49
Brazillian WaxRegular $62
Brazilian Wax1st Time $70
Full Leg & Bikini$70
Full Leg & G-String Wax$90
1/2 Leg & Bikini$68
1/2 Leg & G-String Wax$78
Full Leg & Brazilian$114
Arm Wax Full$49
Arm Wax ½$39
Mens Full leg$77
Mens Chest & Stomach$81
Mens Back$54