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“Wow had the Skin Spa team reach out to us for the blackhead removal treatment… I do feel better and my skin feels awesome… it really is a whole treatment that will have your skin glowing…”

Timothy Charles – 96 Five FM

“Highly recommend Skin Spa Salon! My skin always looks amazing after their facials and face peels. Both Margie and Kat have a wealth of knowledge and experience with both their products and equipment. They know exactly how to treat ‘problem’ skin and recommending excellent products that have made a huge difference to not only my skin but my confidence! Their precision eyebrow waxing always makes my eyebrows look beautiful and clean – wouldn’t go anywhere else…”


“My Dermatologist diagnosed me with dermatitis of the face and neck. I was unable to use any products on my skin, caught in a vicious cycle of itchiness and dryness. With one (Skin Spa) facial it was all on the mend and after a follow up treatment it had all but disappeared. Colleagues at work who had to endure looking at my raw, red skin were amazed at how quickly my skin returned to normal. I would highly recommend this to anyone with the same problem…”

Kate G – Bowen Hills

“Wow…what a wonderful experience! A big, big thank-you to Margy for what was the best facial I have ever had (and I have had a few). The Steam, Salt Srub and Moisturise is a must for everyone – put it on your ‘to do list’ for this month, your skin will love you for it! Margy’s knowledge of the skin is truly amazing. My skin felt the cleanest it has ever felt and you come away knowing that your treatment is a perfect match for your skin type. Thank-you Skin Spa….I will see you next week.”

Tamara – Mitchelton

“I’ve been suffering from adult acne for 6 years (painful and embarrassing) and was about to begin roaccutane treatment when I discovered this place….I have had facials and peels before, I’ve tried prescription creams, birth control, antibiotics but nothing has been able to effectively cure my acne. After the first session I wasn’t 100% convinced, but could see we were moving in the right direction. After the second session, once my skin healed from the extractions, I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror, in disbelief that my skin was nearly perfectly clear. After the third session, I’ve become a new person. Radiating with confidence, I can even leave the house without makeup, which is something I cant remember doing since being a teenager. Thank you Marg and team!
This place is magic!”
Leah Woodward

”I have visited Skin Spa countless times and each time the service has never failed to impress me. Margy and team are wonderful, knowledgeable professionals. I have had varied skin problems from dermatitis to stubborn spots and blackheads and the team at Skin Spa have worked their magic each time and made my skin feel like new again. Would absolutely recommend their services.”

Tash D – Mercedes Benz Fashion Week model

“Margaret from Skin Spa is truly professional and so welcoming. Friends and family are commenting how great my skin looks and I know it is due to Margaret choosing the right treatment. I love the Ultraderm products and my skin has never looked or felt better. I now feel confident wearing the lightest of foundation, even none at all. I can honestly tout that Margaret is the best Beautician I have come across! Thank you, thank you, thank you, I could not be happier. I really love my new skin!!!!”

Jenny Fitzpatrick – Ashgrove

“Margie is my fairy skin mother with her high frequency wand… I first came to Skin Spa 3 months ago, having had problems with acne, breakouts and subsequent scarring for at least the past 10 years and a deadline of an approaching wedding…On top of that, a lump on the side of my face that I have had for over 10 years (and was told by doctors not to worry about) is now all but gone. Thank you so much ladies. Highly recommend!”

Sara Turnbull

“Margaret has been working with me over the past nine months to remove coarse and dark facial hair using a combination of IPL and electrolysis. We are almost at the end of the course. Her technique has avoided scarring and has been effective so far. In addition to the hair removal treatments, she has also recommended treatments to improve the condition of my skin, the effects of which have attracted comments from friends and family members. I would recommend this salon for your skin needs.”

Kirstine O’Donnell

I am beyond thrilled with the results of my facial and skin consultation with Margaret at Skin Spa.  Immediately after my session my skin felt the cleanest and most conditioned I can ever remember and in the days following the facial my skin has just gotten smoother and clearer, to the point where I think it is a pity to put make up on such lovely skin!  The Ultraderm products that Margaret recommended are incredible, the Skin Karma Moisturiser has taken the redness out of my skin and the Skin Renewal Cleanser leaves my face so soft and clean.  A huge Thank You to Margaret and Skin Spa for the BEST FACIAL EVER!!!

Kate Kuhle – North Brisbane

“You have never had a facial until you have had a facial by Margaret. She is brilliant, knows exactly what she is doing and you come away from a treatment with her and know you have really done something great for your skin. My skin has never felt so clean and under control. Margy listens to your skin issues and tailors your facial to suit your needs and not “one size fits all”. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Lucy – Ashgrove

I am so thankful that research led me to find Margie, Adair and the amazing team at Ashgrove Skin Spa for my daughters acne prone skin. I knew I didn’t want her on powerful medication or stripping creams to clear her skin, and for ages failed to consider the power of (acne) facial treatments. Thanks to Ashgrove Skin Spa we are seeing AMAZING results after just 6 treatments over 3 months… For anyone with acne prone skin I’d say don’t waste another minute – head to Ashgrove Skin Spa…I wish I had of discovered them sooner! I know this treatment now will have positive life long effects / results for my daughter.

Thanks team !!!

Angela N

“Amazing!!! I can not thank Adair and the team enough for how they have saved my skin. I’m so grateful to have found a skin clinic that has so much knowledge of skin, the treatments they do and the products they use. After peels prescribed by Adair my skin is now clear and glowing, I’m constantly getting comments on how fresh it looks and asked what my secret is and I can happily say (The) Skin Spa.”

Vanessa Oakley

I approached Skin Spa because I had a modelling competition in Hervey Bay the next day for Miss Summer Girl. I knew I went to the right place as soon as I stepped into the salon as it presented a relaxed and professional atmosphere. The confidence behind the owner and her equipment also reassured this. I walked out feeling beautiful- not “sticky”. The colour was this gorgeous natural bronzed glow.  I had so many comments from girls who said it….I placed first in that swimwear competition and have Skin Spa to thank. It made my confidence soar as it covered my stretch marks and uneven skin tone, I felt flawless. It lasted 7 days for me and then gradually faded away so I didn’t have to scrub it off. So thank you Skin Spa, I will most definitely be back!

J. Brown – Miss Summer Girl

At first I was a bit hesitant when I heard things like ” there may be a bit of redness and tingling…..lactic acid….stay out of the sun…”

Luckily, I decided to proceed because it was the BEST thing I have ever done for my skin. Yes. There was a slight burning tingle, but nothing close to pain. There was no redness, I was just slightly pink. The next morning I woke up to a glowing, bright complexion which everyone commented on. Thankyou Margie for being patient and gentle with me and explaining the whole process. You are a total professional and I am definitely going with the ‘3 pack’ next time.”

Christine Kowalski