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Skin Spa has years of experience delivering rosacea treatments. It can be a stubborn condition that can in a lot of cases, resurface, in both its frequency and intensity.

Experience has enabled us to deliver a strong control treatment and with your commitment, a positive improvement can be expected.

  So what is rosacea exactly and what are the causes or triggers to skin flare-ups?

The Australasian College of Dermatology describes it as “a common, chronic skin disorder affecting the central face. It is an episodic and variable condition but classically presents as acne-like bumps (papules and pustules), red or pink patches and broken capillaries…”

The ACD also mentions the following;  “Several factors can trigger or aggravate rosacea by dilating blood vessels and therefore increasing blood flow to the surface of the skin,” and may include:

  • Hot food or beverages
  • Spicy foods
  • Alcohol
  • Temperature extremes
  • Sunlight
  • Stress, anger or embarrassment
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Hot baths or saunas
  • Oral and topical corticosteroids
  • Drugs that dilate blood vessels such as blood pressure medications
  • Inappropriate use of skin care products such as facial creams and oils.

(source: Australasian College of Dermatologists, “Personal communication” 2019-2024.)

With so many triggers, high levels of commitment from the patient are required to achieve control over the condition. Without this, it is likely that rosacea will re-appear swiftly and often in a more severe form.

The areas that you must always be aware of to avoid aggravation or further redness are clearly;

  • Dietary
  • Environmental
  • Emotional
  • Some medications or mismatched skin care products

The points above are ideal prompts to remind you to exercise caution!

Louise Prince

10 months ago

I have been going to Skin Spa consistently for a few months now. The service is fantastic and I am getting the results I hoped for. What is just as important is the knowledge and guidance I receive and how to take care of my skin outside of the treatments in order to get the best results together. Highly recommend. Thank you, Louise

Skin Spa has solutions that are highly cost competitive, specialised to rosacea and effective. We think our multi-modal or combination therapy options are the logical first step before considering indirect or prescriptive alternatives.

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At just $99 (25-30 mins) we can sight your condition, learn more about your particular case and email you a treatment plan. The good news is, we shall apply a $25 credit and FREE postage for any Skin Spa specialist products ordered at our online shop. (Offer applies ONLY to online, tele-conference customers)

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Read more on how we will approach your rosacea treatment, for your skin…

We listen. We want to understand your view on your particular condition. We will ask a series of questions relating to known triggers, your diet, home-care routine, your particular hygiene habits and stress levels. As we collaborate, we can develop an effective treatment plan for your particular case.

BUT, it will mostly take your commitment in conjunction with our technology.

A word of caution…

Our frustrated reactions to rosacea often lead us to rubbing, picking and squeezing the affected areas, spreading the bacteria and waste from Demodex mites. This unfortunately, can cause heightened redness that takes longer to control and is more expensive to control.

Often, and particularly when our skin condition flares up, we will resort to comfort foods, and, drinks. With alcohol and chilli- based foods, it is common to see the condition worsen. Add to that, excessive sunlight and you will have a real problem.

It is vitally important to reduce and or eliminate the fuel sources for rosacea via a lifestyle and environmental management mind set.

An error we hear all too often at Skin Spa is relying upon online searches to recommend home care products for rosacea affected or prone skin. Often, we see this error of judgment nearly every day. Many times, these products are mismatched and aggravating, often causing greater levels of redness / irritation. The quality of your rosacea home care should have ingredients with proven actives underpinned by clinical testing. Unfortunately, many supermarket or online products will have few and low amounts of these vital ingredients, which will just slow any improvements.

The Skin Spa product range has been formulated with high quality actives that have been sourced from Germany and France and are underpinned by clinical studies, PET testing and proven effectiveness. These are highly expensive ingredients to produce and have been chosen as a no-compromise quality choice for the Skin Spa range.

Ask your Skin Spa therapist for assistance or view the technical details of our specially designed and formulated range, at our online shop.

We would recommend the following products as being the most relevant and specific to addressing Rosacea and sensitive problematic skin…

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Phantom Strider

Local Guide·95 reviews·1 photo

9 months ago

The team shows genuine care for each individual customer. On each appointment, they’ve gone above and beyond to treat my skin well and give the best possible treatment. Never been treated so considerably by a skin clinic. Thanks very much.

In closing…

Early intervention, as Dermatologists will agree, is the very key to combatting rosacea sooner, rather than later!

  • Rosacea can affect your mental health, as it steals your confidence, it is painful, it is socially embarrassing, and as we have heard for years, it attacks the very person that you wish to be…
  • Scholars, students or those of us in the workplace; rosacea can rob you of your focus and ability to study or perform tasks that require concentration
  • For those of us that are single and on the dating circuit, battling rosacea is enemy # 1 for your confidence and happiness in what should be a pleasurable occasion

Skin Spa therapists have treated many clients including Doctors & allied health professionals. The team has been consulted by multiple media agencies for commentary on problem skin, acne management and rosacea treatment.             Read about and see further results here:

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REFERENCES & Information sources:

The Australasian College of Dermatologists –

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