Skin Spa is pleased to be the 1st Medispa in Australia to have, direct from the USA, Rezenerate™ – the latest Nano Technology used for delivering superior skin results, in previously inaccessible areas of the face.

Face only                              – 60 mins – $195

Face, Neck & Décolletage – 110 mins – $385

+ LED option                               $48

So those troubling aged areas, the areas that really reveal your age, can be targeted, delivering a fresher, smoother and more youthful you.

A phenomenon worldwide, the technology allows us to access and treat areas under the eyes, eyelids and even lips without discomfort!

How does it work?

A medical grade, disposable silicone pad is used to perform the treatment on a dermal pen like device. You may notice a very slight vibration as the pad is applied to the skin.

This enables us to, like never before:

  • Target Fine Lines Smooth Skin Tone, especially around eyes & lips
  • Reduce Blemishes Pigmentation
  • Reduce Acne scarring Pitted skin
  • Stimulate collagen with longer lasting effect
  • Drive vitamin serums into the dermal layer, nourishing your skin providing sustainable, longer lasting results
3 years Before, 2016 (Note wrinkles)
fine lines skinspa ashgrove
And 2019, After today’s treatment 
fine lines nano facial skin spa

When should I have a treatment?

Like a lot of dermal procedures, the ‘canvas’ or your skin needs to be cleaned first. You cannot perform a Rezenerate™ facial or microdermabrasion on dirty, congested skin as you will spread bacteria, causing a high likelihood of a breakout. Without doubt, we achieve the best results after an initial cleanse facial, then a microdermabrasion treatment which removes the debris, deeper congestion and surface layers of dead skin cells. You can expect a better result with good preparation!

Why should I have a Rezenerate™ Facial?

  •  Immediate results and longer term benefits
  • Safe, easy and effective
  • No down time, feel free to return to work
  • Makes your favourite serums and vitamins work even better!
  • Works directly on problem areas such as under & around the eye & on lips!

We have achieved some enviable results for our clients. At just $195 following on from a thorough Cleansing facial and Microdermabrasion treatment, the debris and bacteria will be removed for a far superior result.

Just look at these genuine Skin Spa clients.

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led phototherapy facial before