Deep Pore Cleanser


Deep Pore Cleanser

Cleansing is the first place to start… regardless of normal or problematic skin.

It is literally Step 1 in your journey to improved skin.

Product Description: So, Step 1 it is. For skin to improve in its lustre, tone and appearance, it must be clean. The cleansing stage is vital to remove dead skin cells, oil plugs, bacteria, blackheads and environmental dirt. Some call it industrial fallout, but there are many environmental pollutants that are often responsible for tarnished or troublesome skin and tone.

The Skin Spa Deep Pore Cleanser has been designed to be a low foaming face-neck-body wash with mild surfactants and AHA / BHAs. This will lightly exfoliate, cleanse, restore bacterial balance and assist with hydration.

By design, the product contains many actives including Mandelic Acid which is useful in suppressing pigmentation, treating inflammatory non-cystic acne and re-juvenating photo-aged skin. Salicylic acid is also helpful in penetrating hair follicles, clearing them, and in turn, keeping blemishes under control. To compliment this, a moisturising ingredient, Betaine is also present to help protect proteins and regulate cell water balance, through increasing osmolyte transporters.

  • Fragrance free – Why?
  • Fragrances will typically cause most allergen based reactions. In fact, being alcohol based, they are often responsible for redness, rashes and swelling. By design, all Skin Spa Medispa products DO NOT contain any alcohol based or artificial fragrances.

Directions for Use: Apply a 15mm (large thumbnail) sized amount of Deep Pore Cleanser on the back of your hand, applying to problem areas on your skin. Wet fingers and apply in a circular motion to the face or other affected areas for two minutes. Rinse face thoroughly with the Skin Spa facial chamois or sterile cloth towel. Note: this is a low foaming product by design.

Important: Hygiene with your cleansing routine is vital for rapid improvements with your skin. Bacteria has a bad habit of multiplying on damp, warm face washers left in the bathroom. Ensure your Skin Spa chamois, Konjac sponge or face towel is washed frequently, to avoid spreading bacteria in unwanted parts of the face and body. Allergy advice: product may contain traces of nuts and dairy products. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

Skin Spa sustainability product type. NToA. Recyclying. Shelf life.

Skin Spa air pumps are mostly recycleable and sustainable as practically as possible.




For more information on skin hygiene, acne and rosacea affected skin, we recommend that you read our FAQ’s page here:

Acne FAQ’s

If time permits, there is more…

We also suggest you consider seeking professional dietary advice from a qualified professional to expediate your results. Many skin problems are related to diet, and our experience with acne and problematic skin, is that diets high in fats and sugars will be at the root of the problem. Bacteria on and under the skin thrive on these food sources, and, are essentially rocket fuel for multiplication. Sound dietary practices will assist in reducing the very fuel source, as will enhanced skin hygiene practices…

We advise using fresh and hygienic towells, facewashers, facial chamois and konjac sponges. Be sure to keep them clean, dry and frequently washed to avoid them harboring bacteria that can be spread to unaffected areas of the body and face. And thats a final point from us, but an invaluable one. P.acne bacteria is known and proven to spread into neighbouring hair follicles. It sits there feasting on fats and sugars producing nasty outputs that result in the follicle becoming infected. Containing its fuel source and cleansing with an anti-bacterial Deep Pore Cleanser will see you with improved skin condition and happiness.

…and of course, feel free to reach out to the Skin Spa team on 07 3366 1800 to discuss your particular skin type, product guidance and treatment recommendations.

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