What is Pigmentation and Melasma?

Hyper-pigmentation (Melasma) is generally caused by increases in melanin production. Melanin is a natural pigment that colors the skin, hair and even eye color.

Melasma is often more prolific with Asian, Hispanic, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern skin types. It can also be prevalent with fair skin that has been excessively exposed to the below listed factors.


What does it look like?

Often melasma will present itself as either clustered, patchy or dappled in appearance. It is generally colored in varying shades of brown. This can include pale / moderate shades of tan, golden / brown or even shades of dark brown.

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Unfortunately, pigmentation of the skin can automatically begin to increase in intensity & distribution with age due to the effects of sun exposure, the gene pool, changing hormones during pregnancy and use of the contraceptive pill. It is also understood that skin trauma in the form of injuries can concentrate the melanin in particular areas. Moreover, The Australian College of Dermatologists state on their website that oral, topical and intravenous medication can also contribute.

Whilst generally it can be harmless, it can be particularly distressing and unsightly in its appearance. It can also project a look of aged and unloved skin.


Our treatment options available…

Skin types vary greatly and so will the results with different modalities to correct it. In some cases, slight blemishes will be corrected in 2-3 treatments, yet other cases, where the melanin is deeper in color or depth, will require more treatments and combinations of treatments to correct it.

So which treatment do I require and how much will it cost?

There are endless combinations of pigmentation, so sight unseen, we don’t know what you require, and which modality will suit your particular skin type, until we sight your particular area of concern.

As a rule, we treat it with or combinations of:

These treatments all vary in duration from 25 to 60 minutes and approximately $100-200.

Pigmentation before and after treatments

What is the best next step?

Firstly, it is essential that you use a SPF 30+ quality sunblock to prevent further damage or intensity of your pigmentation. Wide brimmed hats and avoidance of sun exposure will lessen the chances of serious skin conditions and further pigmentation of the skin, from developing.

From here, it is best to call to book an appointment and our Skin Spa senior therapists will provide guidance for your particular condition.

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