What is Pressotherapy or Lymphatic Drainage?

A fascinating science behind Pressotherapy Lymphatic Drainage treatment was originally developed by a PhD researcher in Northern Europe and now is used worldwide.

Lymphatic drainage stimulates the interstitial (cellular) fluids of the body, to return built-up wastes and excessive fluids to the blood, so that bodily organs like kidneys and the liver can then process and purify.

Delivered in a secure compact suit, the client lays down in a calming environment for either a 30 or 45 minute treatment duration. You will feel the computer controlled pressurised massage and zoned warmth from the programme in action immediately.

The benefits to Pressotherapy are many and include:

  • Weight loss through removing fat globules in the lymphatic system
  • Removal of accumulated heavy metals and environmental toxins
  • Reduction of cellulite in buttock / thigh areas where fat pushes through beneath the skin
  • Reduction and removal of accumulated water in limbs (reduces swelling)
  • Assistance with hormonal associated problems
  • Circulatory stimulation of the abdomen, buttocks, chest and legs
  • Firming and smoothing the skin
  • Recovery for muscles after gym training, Pilates or sporting activities

NOTE: Some treatments including Pressotherapy are not suited to everyone. Always consult your Doctor prior to any treatments. Clients with untreated cancer-related conditions, or those with bacterial, or viral conditions will not be suited. Clients with renal dysfunction, cardiac oedema or deep vein thrombosis can not be treated. Clients suffering with asthma, or low blood pressure, should consult their Doctor prior to any treatment.

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