IPL & Hair Removal

There is IPL & Hair Removal and there is budget IPL where you feel like a number. Get in, get out quick, thrown a razor to touch up your shaving preparation, pay and out. We hear the complaints. We don’t work that way…

But what about your skin type? Was it correctly assessed? Was sufficient power delivered to the treated area?

Ever felt the treatment was a bit light on, and, becoming tired of the endless appointments? This is indicative that the therapist has not correctly assessed your skin type and has undertreated your skin.


Unfortunately, you tend to pay for this, visit after visit…

Skin Spa has a different approach to hair removal. Our senior therapists have delivered literally thousands and thousands of treatments with a blemish free record. With all of the statutory Laser / IPL & Hair Removal / Safety certificates and the experience behind them, and delivered with AW3 technology, we achieve better than most results.

Experienced, mature therapists make that experience, worth that little bit extra!

Book one of our IPL packages for great results!

Hi Margie
Thank you so much for making my ipl experience such a success.   I felt very relaxed at all times and the results have been amazing !!! I have had ipl before but never achieved such brilliant results. I will definitely be recommending my friends.   Thank you for  being so professional and talking me through every step .


Please feel free to discuss any specific areas with us! Please contact the Spa Director on 3366 1800 for more information

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