Q. What benefits and results will I get from a medi-facial treatment?

A. Debris removal and the drawing out of toxins are the primary benefits. You can also expect to see and feel;

  • Improved texture and hydration
  • Increased blood flow and cellular regeneration
  • A greater reception to absorbing nourishing and hydrating products, such as Ultraderm products suited to your skin type
  • Increased lymph flow waste removal
  • Relaxed nerve endings and suppleness
  • Positive comments from your spouse, family and friends!

facial ashgrove


Q. How often should I have a medi-facial?

A. Skin Spa recommends 4-6 weeks apart to avoid the build-up of oils, old makeup and airborne impurities such as pollution and particulate. Removing dead cells assists in cellular turnover, improved skin texture and nourishment to slow down the ageing process

Q. How do I know which treatment will suit my skin to get the best results?

A. Skin Spa will assess and analyse your particular skin type and will recommend the most appropriate treatment. For those seeking further improvements, we have a multi-modality programme that can drive superior and more sustainable results.

Q. Why do I have to have a facial before a microdermabrasion or Rezenerate™ treatment?

A. Bacteria lives in the surface layers of the skin. If there is bacterial activity present, microdermabrasion and dermal needling can spread P. Acne bacteria causing breakouts. For this reason, we recommend a thorough facial treatment first, to prepare your skin. Unfortunately, far too many ambitious companies launch straight into these treatments on top of dirty, congested skin, resulting in almost certain breakouts.


Q. What is Microdermabrasion?

microderm abrasion ASHGROVEA. It is a system of intense exfoliation and resurfacing that rejuvenates the skin with ultra-fine crystals. This in turn removes dead skin cells, clogged pores and stimulates cellular regeneration. A treatment pack of 3-6 sessions – 7 days apart – is recommended to achieve maximum results

Q. What results can I expect?

  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves the rate at which the skin absorbs moisturising and nourishing ingredients
  • Treats pigmentation disorders, age spots and sun damage
  • More even skin tone

LED Light Therapy

Q. What is it and why do I hear about it so often?

A. Originally invented by NASA for rapid wound healing and anti-bacterial treatment for the astronauts in space. It is a revolution in terms of the results it delivers with acne, bacteria and firming of the skin. We have multi-mode selection on our technology to target results with your specific skin type. As it has a single wave length, it does not disrupt the bodies DNA integrity, rendering it a proven, safe and effective option.

Please see further explanation under our Medi-Facials heading.

Peels – Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic et al.

Q. I see and hear of “Peels” everywhere, but what do they actually do?

A. Peels have been in use for, some even say, since Egyptian times in varying forms. Several different peel types are available for different skin conditions and different skin types. Some remove surface layers of dead skin and oil, others assist in exfoliation and tone. Benefits include smoothing out uneven skin tones, reducing fine lines and pigmentation.

Q. Why can’t I just buy them from the supermarket?

A. Well you can, but there are three considerations. Whilst they are cheaper, they are almost always diluted compared to professional strength products used by skilled and Diploma trained therapists. Secondly, if you have not been trained in skin types, how can you decide which product is for you? Skin Spa can recommend, should you choose to, a matching Ultraderm product specifically for your skin. Finally, burns are still possible with those with sensitive skin types. Please consider carefully.

Clinical Micro Needling – (Collagen Induction Therapy)

Q. Why should I consider CIT?

A. Seeking high level skin results or looking to correct some stubborn flaws requires more of an intensive modality. Clinical micro-needling delivered by senior Skin Spa therapists – In a sterile environment – stimulates and promotes the skins regenerative response. This also allows deeper penetration of active nourishing serums. Delivered via a dermal pen, with disposable sterile pads, it triggers growth signals to skin cells promoting collagen and elastin production. We would also recommend and include the application of LED technology to accelerate the repair of the skin. LED technology also drives anti-bacterial & collagen stimulating outcomes.

Clinical Micro-Needling is highly effective in rectifying the following;

  • Large open pores across facial areas
  • Fine lines, crows feet and deeper troughs often on the forehead
  • Deeper acne related scarring
  • Uneven skin tone and pigmentation

Note: The treatment may require you to purchase effective numbing cream from your pharmacist and is to be self applied 45 minutes prior to your appointment. Whilst the treatment is highly effective, it does come with a little downtime, SO we recommend to consider allowing a few days before any strenuous activity, sweating or physical activity or risks of bacterial exposure such as face washers or towel usage.


Q. What is electrolysis?

A. A permanent method of hair removal generally used to target specific problem areas. It involves current being applied to each hair follicle at the root where it is destroyed. It is specifically effective for the permanent removal of grey and fair pigmented (rogue)hairs. A small pinch sensation can be expected in some areas more than others, as the cauterisation of the hair follicle occurs with current and heat. This indicates that the correct amount of current/heat has been applied effectively.


Q. What is IPL?

A. Intense Pulsed Light is a invasive light used for large areas of hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, vascular, pigmentation, sun damage and acne et al.

Q. Will IPL work on me?

A. Your skin type will determine how suitable IPL will be for you, but generally this is identified in a personal Skin Spa consultation, with IPL/Laser qualified staff, as skin types vary greatly. Some skin types are not suited to IPL, so please choose your skilled IPL therapist wisely.