Eyes and Brows are the first thing people see and your the first expression of your beauty. Do not compromise with quality on eye lashes, brow sculpture or the experience of your therapist… Because it shows… Skin Spa therapists have undertaken literally hundreds and hundreds of lash installations and treatments. Our experience is your gain !

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Eyelashes Ashgrove

Meet Tamika, she has flourished in the modelling and beauty world. USA, Greek Islands, Thailand, Hong Kong, Bali, UAE & the British Virgin Islands.

Catwalk, photographic, fashion, swimsuit, TV and soon to be, a movie. Tamika’s knowledge of how to frame your face with current trends in eye styling, is her specialty and your gain.

Skin Spa clients often speak of how calming and natural she is… She has a whopping 300,000 followers on her social media channels.

Why? Because Tamika & Skin Spa know eyes.

According to Tamika, trends in brows, lashes, colouration and density change frequently. “Where I see the best results, is when we can do everything together, that way I can coordinate colour and styling for the best natural effect…”

“Natural effects are definitely the trend and especially in the Ashgrove area, where it is my most requested styling service..”

So does Margy, Adair and Sarah. The team has delivered literally thousands of the same treatments and like Tamika believes that the correct sculpting involves taking hair colour, shape of face and even eye colour into consideration. Of course your personal styling and personality is considered also. Skin Spa uses the highest quality German made products for superior results.

We listen. If ever we can offer guidance, please just ask your Skin Spa therapist for their recommendations and styling thoughts.

Picture of Sarah at Skin Spa who is a master of beauty and all things skin.

Looking at another clients before and after eyes….see the difference? With matching styling, the effect is so much greater. Many customers also comment on how it has an age lessening effect! We agree.

Eyelash Lifting (Perming)     $ 
Eyelash tinting                        $ 
Brow tinting                             $ 
Eyelash and Brow tinting        $ 
Eyelash tint, Eyebrow wax and tinting $