What is Dermaplaning?

Skin Spa uses quality sterile medical technology with highly trained skin therapists.


Dermaplaning is a safe and effective exfoliating treatment, which removes and exfoliates dead skin cells and most importantly, fine vellus hairs (AKA peach fuzz) from the face and neck areas. The method has been in use for many years and its benefits continues to surge in popularity worldwide.

It is a fast treatment that delivers tangible results at low cost and does not include down-time. Dermaplaning is suitable for all skin types.

Using a sterile and specialised blade, clients can expect to feel a gentle stroking action which effectively is the process of smoothing out bumps and lessening roughness, whilst having the main benefit of fine hair removal. An added benefit of this treatment is the removal of ingrained dirt, environmental debris, hardened oils and impurities trapped in and around the epidermis. In most cases you can expect smoother, brighter and more vibrant looking skin.

Pregnant or nursing mothers can feel at ease as dermaplaning not only removes the peach fuzz during this hormonal time, but will drive deep exfoliation without the use of ammonia laden, depilatory creams or chemicals that may have the risk of entering the blood stream.

With so many benefits to dermaplaning, one wonders, why wouldn’t you make it a regular treatment in your beauty routine?

And, the benefits continue… with smoother and cleaner skin, your products of choice, such as cleansers, vitamin serums, masks and moisturisers can all penetrate more deeply into the epidermis, driving added results.

You may from time to time hear of the old wives tale of concerns relating to the hair growing back heavier, darker and thicker after removal…

This is just not the case. The removal of hair does not change hair pigment or follicle sizes, or its rate of growth.

What you can expect though is for fine hair re-growth to occur every 21-28 days as per normal cycles. But thicker and darker hair, No.

So, as the congestion on the surface layers of your skin increases with skin cell build-ups and fine hair growth, we recommend a treatment at least monthly.

What to expect…during your treatment:

You will experience gentle to mild pressure with a sweeping motion of the blade doing its work. Naturally with friction, you will experience a small amount of warmth, but not heat.

Post Treatment:

Avoid using alpha or beta hydroxyl acids, retinols or Retin-A for 72 hours or longer and it may even help to avoid the gym for a day…

Mild to moderate skin redness may occur for a 1-3-hour period, not dissimilar to mild windburn. You may also experience mild skin shedding or flaking, which may occur for 2-4 days afterwards.

Up to 24 hours – It is also unadvisable to undertake intense exercise, heat exposure in saunas / steam rooms, chlorinated swimming pools and excessive sunlight without SPF protection.

24-72 hours – use minimal to no active ingredients such as vitamin serums or cleansers.

72 hours + – restart your daily vitamin serum routine, such as B3 with Zinc

1 week – restart your preferred method of exfoliation.

This may include using a skin cleansing routine as designed by your therapist.

Ask which product combinations will best suit your skin type.

Skin Spa has developed a 24 hour product home care range that may be suitable for you post treatment.

Consider the Deep Pore Cleanser + Konjac sponge / Facial chamois to combat oil build ups, environmental fall out or particulate, make-up plugs and bacterial activity…

Once cleansed, it’s time for nourishment…the Skin Spa Vitamin B3 + Zinc serum will deliver the necessary food for re-generation and healing of the upper dermal layers.

Then its over to the Hydra Balance Moisturiser to lock it in. With actives such as Modukine™ from Germany, polypeptides address all types of dry, sensitive and inflamed skin, as seen in clinical studies. Studies that have shown that it can not only effectively reduce itchiness and redness, but also allows for restoration of healthy skin and barrier function.

We look forward to assisting you with what we know as being an effective, low cost combination of complimentary treatments.


Dermaplaning before and after picture

”I have visited Skin Spa countless times and each time the service has never failed to impress me. Margy and the Skin Spa team are wonderful, knowledgeable professionals. I have had varied skin problems from dermatitis to stubborn spots and blackheads and the team at Skin Spa have worked their magic each time and made my skin feel like new again. I would absolutely recommend their services.”

 Tash D. – Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 


Ask your Skin Spa skin therapist for the treatment plan and products best suited for your skin type!

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