Cosmetic Injectables, Anti-wrinkle and Dermal Fillers with Dr Andrew Clarke Ph.D. MBBS (Honours) BMedSci.

Recently selected as one of the ‘Ultimate 100 Global Aesthetic Leaders” of 2019, Dr. Andrew Clark is both an internationally published scientific author and experienced medical doctor now exclusively practicing cosmetic medicine. He first trained in the use of medical relaxers and dermal fillers over thirteen years ago and has worked along-side many leading plastic surgeons, cosmetic physicians and professors in Australia, the United States and the Netherlands. In 2005 Dr Clark gained his PhD in the fields of skin and muscle biochemistry and physiology. As a regular delegate and speaker at national and international conferences, Dr Clark is always well versed with the latest developments in the cosmetic medicine field and incorporates these into his practice.

Wrinkle Relaxer Brand 1

1 Standard Area$300
2 Standard Area$480
3 Standard Area$650
Other areas and extra units at$15 per unit

Wrinkle Relaxer Brand 2

1 Standard Area$260
2 Standard Area$420
3 Standard Area$530
Other areas and extra units at$5 per unit

All Wrinkle Relaxer treatments include free review and, under most circumstances, where extra units are required these are given free of charge.

Treatment to reduce armpit sweating : $750

For both arm pits, scientifically proven to last more than 9 months in 90% of clients.

(Yes, wrinkle relaxers work to stop sweating!)

*Please note a “Standard Area” refers to “the forehead”, “the frown area” or “the crows-feet.’

**Maximum unit limits apply, please ask for details. Multiple area prices cannot be shared with more than one person. Please also note the wrinkle relaxer units are different between the different brands and it is not a simple matter to compare. It’s a bit like trying to compare measurements in inches and in centimetres. If you are not sure please ask!

This diagram – soon to be published –  shows the 3 Standard Areas:

  1. Forehead
  2. Glabella (the frown area)
  3. Crows-feet

These are the most common places to receive wrinkle relaxing injections. Choose the area or areas that you’d most like to soften your lines and expressions.

Dermal Fillers

Please consider the following prices as a guide. The decision of which dermal filler to use needs to take into consideration your personal skin type, your unique circumstances and your desired results. Doctor Clark will discuss all of these factors with you during your consultation to help you decide on the most appropriate treatments and products. Often, for best results, more than one product may be needed and varying treatments can be done on multiple occasions.

Soft Fillers suitable for under eyes, scar treatments and fine lines. Especially fine lines around the mouth and forehead1mL $660
Medium fillers are longer lasting, suitable for plump lips, deep folds & reshaping1mL $600

Firmer fillers are longer lasting & suitable for natural looking rejuvenation or enhancements of cheeks, temples & jaw line.

For rejuvenation, lift & definition

Collagen stimulating dermal filler
1mL (Lasts 2 or more years)$750
Collagen stimulating dermal filler
1mL (Lasts 4or more years)$1250