Capillaries or Thread Veins

Capillaries or thread veins are an unsightly and highly noticeable blemish on your most prominent features, often caused by excessive sunlight, harsh cleansers, the gene pool and environmental factors. This occurs when tiny capillaries rupture causing redness under the skins surface. Often they are visible on the face and chest and removing them can in most cases, deliver an inexpensive and rapid result in just minutes. A series of small scabs may appear after the treatment and should be allowed to fall off naturally. Skin Spa uses the diathermy system and due to its fast and inexpensive nature, it has proven to be very popular with our clients! Below are before and after pictures of a valued client with another great result. Allow around $70 per treatment.

Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tag removal is also performed using the same method, but employing a slightly different technique. Skin tags can be caused by a variety of factors including insulin resistance, pregnancy, obesity and just simply age et al. There absolute cause is not known but indications suggest they can be lifestyle or genetic related causes, or both. We recommend that Skin tags are addressed quickly as they can increase in size and number rapidly. Basically they are skin growths that are attached to the body with a root or stalk like joint. This is the area we target using diathermy current and a particular method to cut off the skin tags nutrient or growth supply.  After treatment and several days later, the skin tag will fall off in most cases without you even noticing. Allow $60-70 per treatment as a guide.

Angioma or Cherry Spot Removal

Angioma (Cherry Spot Removal) is performed and treated as quickly as shown in the video. They are gone in just seconds using our Clinical Diathermy method. As we cauterise the angioma with a little heat and current, a slight pinch is sometimes felt. Slight scabbing of the treated area can be expected. Feel free to buy numbing cream from your pharmacist to assist with your comfort. It is inexpensive and it is recommended to apply it on and around the angioma 45 minutes prior to treatment.  There are several brands to consider and we suggest you seek guidance from your local Ashgrove pharmacist / chemist. Allow $55-75 per treatment as a guide.

Milia Removal

Milia removal can be performed using the same method. Milia are those white, round or oval raised lumps you will see near cheek bones, eyes and the jaw line. Sometimes they can be referred to as “Milk spots.” Milia are often caused by a build up of keratin and dead skin cells that are trapped below the skin. Their exact cause can be partially put down to lack of skin exfoliation and cleansing, which by its very nature will liberate those dead skin cells, preventing them from being trapped below the skins surface. Some other information sources suggest that milia are possibly health related by cause. Skin Spa therapists understand milia can be stubborn to remove and meddling or squeezing them will break them into smaller, harder to remove pieces.

Scarring can possibly result should you attempt to remove them yourself.

We have developed a technique to dissolve the deposit using a micro-fine, sterile needle and current; and a method to remove its contents sideways, reducing the likelihood of scarring. This is critical as they are often found near very sensitive tissue and skin. Small to tiny scabs may appear which will typically fall off naturally.  Skin Spa can pop them out for as little as $50-70 per treatment as a guide.

Always seek guidance and advice from your medical skin specialist if ever in any doubt about a lesion or growth. Skin Cancers can appear in many shapes, forms and colours.

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capillary removal ashgrove
Capiliary removal picture showing before and after treatment.
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