Image shows blackheads on chin before and after treatment.


Blackheads or comedones as they are often referred to in a clinical sense, are plugs of bacteria laden oil, dead skin and sebum that have a tiny to moderate “black-spot” appearance. Being a form of acne, they mostly appear on the face and neck areas, however, can appear randomly on the shoulders, back, under the arms and chest areas.

Left unchecked, it is well known that blackheads will increase in size, risking the possibility of an infection advancing. The second effect that can or will occur is that the plug itself will expand as debris accumulates, that will stretch or largen the skin chamber or pore that it resides in. You may have heard about the “Strawberry or pitted” effect it can leave on a nose or cheeks, if left uncontrolled.

In some cases, a larger “crater” like hole can result after removing larger comedones bacterial contents. With removal and frequent exfoliation / cleansing, the size of the remaining hole / holes should typically reduce in size.

Most frequently, Skin Spa therapists report that most cases of teens to young adults will have more, but smaller blackheads on the nose and sides of the nose.

So what does Skin Spa recommend in most cases?

Firstly, they need to be removed in a sterile environment by a trained skin therapist. A variety of methods are employed to loosen the plug and dislodge them. After a thorough cleansing procedure, it is then strongly recommended that the correct anti-bacterial, LED light therapy be applied to the affected area, to kill residual and deeper bacteria present in the skin.

LED light therapy is safe and effective and is used by everyone from new born babies in hospital, to astronauts in space for rapid wound healing.

Secondly, an effective and frequent home care routine of deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and hydration will assist. Naturally, a healthy diet, lifestyle moderation and water intake will assist your results greatly.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and answers, that will add further detail to your skin management challenges.

But before we do, here is a video link with Brisbane’s 96.5 FM’s news anchor, Tim Wilson, receiving a blackhead treatment from Skin Spa… It’s short, but makes for entertaining viewing!

So where can I purchase home care products to remove and control blackheads forming in the future?

Discuss with your therapist, after your treatment, which products are best suited to your particular skin type OR for remote customers, they can be purchased at our online shop.

Skin Spa products have been specifically formulated with quality German and French made actives for problematic skin types, including blackhead prone skin.

We believe they are the best available given our significant experience with problematic skin, our formulation with the actives and the high-quality ingredients.

For acneic / blackhead affected skin, we typically would recommend:

Skin Spa – Deep Pore Cleanser…………with 4 actives

Skin Spa – Vitamin B3 + Zinc serum…….with 6 actives

Skin Spa – Hydra Balance Moisturiser….with 4 actives

Skin Spa – Rectify Night Mask…………..with 7 actives

Skin Spa – Konjac Sponge or facial chamois

Now, back to those FAQ’s; for those more detailed questions we hear every week…

Will the blackheads or comedones return?

Without frequent skin maintenance, a healthy diet and questionable lifestyle choices, yes, they almost certainly will. Maintenance with all things in life can be tiresome, but the costs of not doing anything are greater. For truly clean and beautiful skin, a daily cleansing routine is required.

Will my pores shrink?

They will shrink with constant cleansing and skin treatments as the debris is removed.

Can I squeeze the blackheads out myself?

It is highly likely you will spread the bacteria into unwanted areas of the face causing redness, irritation and the likely-hood of flare ups – Sound familiar? There are particular methods that Skin Spa therapists use to maintain a hygienic extraction process and post anti-bacterial treatment, that will minimise irritation.

What cleansing medium do you recommend to be used with a cleanser?

There are 3 different types that can be used. A konjac sponge can be used morning and night and has greater exfoliation qualitites than say softer mediums. A sterile face-washer is also ideal, but only if it is clean and dry, or, you guessed it, bacteria can be spread all over the face defeating the purpose. Finally, a Skin Spa chamois will also have superior qualities in removing finer debris, make-up and oils.

When I shave, why do I get redness or more breakouts?

Shaving can and does spread bacteria across the face or other areas of use. Bacteria lives on the surface of the skin and in the absence of anti-bacterial soaps or cleansers, will get transferred to other hair follicles, causing infections of varying effect. Always use clean and sterilised shaving instruments to avoid this and even consider carefully sterilising the blade prior to use.

How do I remove the rough feeling of the blackheads on my shoulders and back?

This will not be easy. For this to be done thoroughly, we suggest that you make a booking where we can treat the affected area where your arms cant reach! Secondly, you can always purchase a back-scrubbing towel or back scrubbing loofah or synthetic back scrubbing belt (with handles) to reach those difficult areas. This may assist in removing some and preventing more blackheads as a first step.

Do you have any other tips or advice on how I can minimise this condition?

For effective and rapid support of your cleansing and treatment routine, we would recommend the following advice:

  • Changing bed linen, sheets and pillow slips very frequently. The very bacteria causing these problems thrives in moist and warm environments, especially pillowslips
  • Frequently wash face-washers after each use. Warm, moist face-washers left after use in the bathroom will be heavily laden with bacteria and will be enemy #1
  • Consider dietary moderation with oils, sugars and fats in particular. With high calorific values, they are also “rocket fuel” for bacteria. We strongly suggest you consider seeking dietary advice to assist you with an internal solution to compliment the external solutions listed above for greatest results!

Thank you for investing your time reading about this difficult subject, and if the Skin Spa team can provide more to support you, your daughter, son or partner, then feel free to call us on 07 3366 1800 or book online above.

Thank you


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