Blackheads or comedones are unsightly!

Unfortunately, leaving them intact, they shall just continue to grow and stretch your pores, becoming larger and ageing the look of your skin. They don’t go away by themselves and require technology and commercial grade dermal cleansing to remove. With many things relating to skin… Our Blackhead Extraction Facial can fix this problem for you.

Early intervention is key to a faster, less expensive result!”

We see Blackheads every hour of our working week. They are particularly common and there is no reason whatsoever to feel uneasy about us removing them for you. During our Blackhead Extraction Facial we use combinations of instruments, electronic technology and peels to achieve the desired result.

Of course, if you have them broadly across your face or other bodily areas, it may take 2-3 sessions to remove them all; in other cases maybe just 1-2 sessions will be required. Often they can be hidden in the ears, around the ears, neck and folds of skin. They can also exist in or near the hairline, shoulders and arms. They can sometimes be discreet and other times prominent. But there is one thing for sure, they wont escape our hawk eyes and magnifying lamp!