Acne Treatment FAQ’s are a guide to answer the most common questions that we hear at Skin Spa. Every skin type and every individual will experience different results, during and after varying treatments.  We encourage you to exercise caution when comparing the results of others to your particular condition.

Treatment response times can vary greatly. Regardless of your chosen treatment, acne is a stubborn and slow moving condition that can require extensive investments in time and spend to overcome. Skin Spa believes that our treatments and products are highly affordable, effective and without side effects, as compared with some other medicinal treatment options. Heres how we can guide you on making the best decision for your skin.

Q. Why does Skin Spa recommend that I have such frequent visits?

A. Time, experience and research shows that the more frequently you hit p.acne bacteria with anti-bacterial treatments, the harder it is for it to multiply. With frequent treatments, you also enable the healing process to be accelerated. Your commitment to attending appointments and the quality of your home care will also determine how soon you begin to see changes. Skin Spa also offers complimentary hi-frequency, anti-bacterial follow ups to its acne treatment customers, to deliver results, faster.

Q. How can picking and squeezing my pimples cause it to become worse? I thought this would help it?

A. When extractions are done at home or incorrectly, many things happen. Firstly DIY squeezing can pressurise the infection and spread it to other cells, worsening the particular lesion and risking permanent scarring. There are special techniques to purge the gunk from the skin to minimise or eliminate chances of scarring. Secondly, non sterile environments will just assist in bacteria multiplying. Finally, Skin Spa applies multiple modalities of infection control treatment that’s targeted to a specific area or broad reaching, such as the back or shoulders.

Q. Why don’t you offer acne packages like other acne treatment clinics?

A. A “one size fits all approach” is the wrong approach! Individuals suffering from acne vary enormously. The location and type of acne, genetic pre-disposition, environmental, dietary and home care discipline, amongst many other factors determine success durations. Boxing up a neat little package with pre-determined treatments, that are MOST likely NOT in the order of what you need, is highly irrelevant, and, not in your interests of attaining accelerated results.

Q. So, what do you suggest. Do I take one step at a time?

A. Yes. Our methodology is to apply the most relevant and appropriate treatment each time you visit. As we take control of the infection together, new and different modalities will be used for maximum effect.

Q. I notice that microdermabrasion is used to treat acne. Why don’t you recommend this as a first step?

A. Its very simple. When you have active p.acne infections in the form of pimples, microdermabrasion will spread that very bacteria all over your face causing a high likelihood of breakouts and cross-infection to other vulnerable areas. We both don’t want that at all. We will use this modality, but not until the infection is under control, to achieve a faster, more systematic result.

Q. What has using my mobile phone got to do with acne?

A. Keeping skin clean is key to reducing and spreading infections across your face. Mobile phones are warm, moist and collect bacteria from the mouth. Perfect conditions for bacteria to be spread across both cheeks as you speak! Consider carefully applying anti-bacterial gel to your phone screen regularly.

Q. Why do I have breakouts near my hairline?

A. Its highly likely you have been wearing a headband / cap at the gym where sweat, bacteria, moisture and warmth all reside. Be sure to wash headbands, caps, visors etc regularly. Acne bacteria thrives in these places and will multiply readily and spread from tiny hair follicle to hair follicle. By practicing this new hygiene standard, it is likely you will see rapid results in this area of the face.

Q. I want rapid results. What do you suggest?

A. YOU have direct control over how soon you can expect improvements in your acne condition. We can treat your skin, and kill / remove the bacteria as per our time proven methods, however, we ask you to do your bit too…

  • Diet; eliminate / minimise dairy intake and ideally replace it with plant based foods
  • Sterile environments; avoid touching your face.
  • Wash and replace pillowslips, bedding and face washers frequently. This includes sterilising loofahs, razors and towels. Bathrooms are warm and moist havens for bacteria reproduction!
  • Smoking. Do not smoke under any circumstances.
  • Tight fitting clothes, headwear and yesterdays gym gear all aggravate acne and enable it to spread into neighbouring hair follicles
  • Stress and anxiety; consider managing it better using relaxation techniques
  • Water consumption; consuming large quantities will assist in flushing oils and wastes from the system

Q. I often hear of LED this and LED light therapy that. Do I need it and why?

A. LED light therapy was invented by NASA so that astronauts could rapidly heal wounds whilst in space. It is a revolutionary modality used in dermalogical and medical professions with multiple benefits. It does not disrupt the DNA like UV light and is known as being 100% safe.

We use it to kill p.acne bacteria trapped below the skin and to accelarate healing using combination therapy of multiple light colors. Inexpensive and just 20 minutes, we recommend it with every facial treatment including facial acne, body acne and rosacea affected skin. View it here: /led-light-therapy-for-skin-acne-anti-ageing/

Q. What self-care or home care routine do you suggest?

A. Cleansing twice per day after work, exercise or play is the first step. (Ask your Skin Spa therapist about the Deep Pore Cleanser for your skin type.) Carefully removing makeup, colognes and perfumes is vital to remove oils, dirt and airborne contaminants. Using luke warm water, pat dry your skin with a sterile soft face washer or sponge ensuring – often dirty – hair is away from your face and neck areas.
The following before and after pictures indicate just how effective cleansing can be!
Note: One by one, frequent cleansing alone removes plugged follicles (blackheads), avoiding breakouts, moving you a step closer to cleaner skin!