*LED light therapy is a great acne treatment for your face and will accelerate results. It does not interrupt DNA and has been safely in use with NASA astronauts for over 30 years. It enables us to kill p.acne bacteria below the skin level & is highly effective in conjunction with medical grade cleansing. Other benefits of LED therapy include:

  • Reduced inflammation and accelerated visual improvement
  • Stimulation of the skins collagen accumulation and skin tone
  • Stimulation of self-repairing processes

We strongly recommend 3 acne treatments at one week intervals as a first step.

Compared to expensive medical alternatives, Skin Spa Face Acne Treatments are affordable and the best first step.

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We listen. We want to understand your view on your particular condition.

Skin Spa therapists face acne treatments apply steam to assist in the process of heating and therefore liquefying facial oils which are known causes of congestion. We then triple cleanse using professional grade cleansers, use a variety of methods to extract congested pores and where necessary make extractions.

Next, we apply, depending upon the clients skin condition, a variety of peels to assist in removing the oil plugs and use High Frequency and LED technology to perform spot treatments and to apply broad based, anti-bacterial blue light.

For you to consider…

Acne. There is a lot written on the subject about causes, symptoms, effects and acne related diets. It’s easily accessible. It’s easy to download from credible sources. You may also consider seeking additional support from a dietician whom we can recommend.

Whether it be adolescent, teenage or adult acne, our view is the same, the hardened oil, sebum, blocked pores, white & black heads (comedones) have to go. As acne is a spectrum disorder, meaning that it varies in intensity and distribution, no two cases are the same. Healing and recovery rates also differ from individual to individual. As a guide, stubborn conditions such as acne may require 3, 5 or more treatments.

Our Acne Treatments for your Face help to support you on this journey. We understand.

Whilst we support modern medicine, it has been observed that treating acne with anti-biotics and Roaccutane from the inside (with its known side effects) may not be the best first step. Likewise with young ladies – Often the contraceptive pill is prescribed by the medical field to balance hormones with young acne sufferers.

Acne treatment time frame
Acne treatment time frame

You may need to consider…”do I really want my daughter on the contraceptive pill, when alternative treatments are available?”

Our approach here is a little different. And, it is different because we have had much success with stubborn cases, without the use of drugs, across hundreds of clients.

“Our frustrated reactions to acne often leads us to picking and squeezing, spreading the bacteria. This unfortunately, causes bigger problems such as permanent scarring and / or an acne condition that takes longer and is more expensive to reverse…”

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Some final tips…

Shavers, disposable or especially electric types will harbour bacteria, and, unfortunately can spread this all over your face or body. Does anyone clean the rotors or circular blades? Does anyone actually service and treat the blades for bacteria? Most of us not. The very blades that you have purchased on your razor are like a Petrie dish; chock full of bacteria, ready to cause another bacterial attack. The use of anti-bacterial soaps, then rinsed carefully, may assist in sterilising the cutting surface, preventing you from cross contamination.

Avoid touching your face and spreading bacteria, regardless of the temptation!

Consider moisturising and cleansing the affected area at least daily.

Beware – mobile phones can transfer bacteria from one cheek to the next!

Ask your Skin Spa therapist for Ultraderm recommendations

In closing…

Early intervention, as medical professionals will agree, is key to overcoming the problem sooner, rather than later!

“Acne can affect your prosperity, as it robs you of confidence, it is distracting, it is socially embarrassing, and as we have heard for years, it attacks the very person that you want to be…”

“Scholars, students or those of us in the workplace; acne can rob you of your focus and ability to study or perform…”

“So I have an acne problem…where do I go, supermarket first, internet or TV shopping second, Doctor third?” There are effective alternatives, without drugs… without the side effects!

“Break the cycle. Acne multiplies at alarming rates. You have a choice to take action…”

Visit our Acne Treatment FAQ’s page for further tips and advice !


In just 3 Acne Treatment Facials, your pimples are in BIG trouble!!

Ask us how we have helped many people like you…


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