Would you like to remove that itchiness feeling between your shoulder blades? Or getting married and looking forward to that backless gown? Like to buff up those round shoulders for that slinky top? Then this Acne Treatment for your back & shoulder is for you.

Let’s be rid of that acne, flaky skin and stimulate new skin cells to make you look your best. Don’t tolerate unsightly back acne when it can be removed rapidly.

We have broad based LED technology to target large areas where acne bacteria lives underneath the skin.

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Back acne extractions – what can I expect?

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Skin Spa Medispa uses a variety of acne treatment technologies to target acne on your shoulders and back. It can be removed with combination therapy and LED blue light technology. Each situation is often different!

With back acne, remember to wash your bed sheets and linen frequently using anti-bacterial detergents that are well-rinsed. Ensuring your bath towel is also washed and changed in a similar fashion will help prevent the recontamination of acne causing bacteria. Please see our acne FAQ’s for more information.

Or, simply call us and speak to one of our helpful acne specialists!

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Large Format LED Light Therapy for your back