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Skin Spa’s experience with 000’s of acne cases – all over the body –  have enabled us to develop rapid and cost-effective treatments. Treatments that work.

You will need to bring your commitment, as acne on the back can be a stubborn condition to control. But, with our knowledge and technology, we shall deliver an improved result without the use of strong drugs or medication. In some cases, where the infection is widespread, medical intervention is advised.

Skin Spa acne treatment solutions are highly cost competitive, specialised and are the ideal first step before considering indirect or prescriptive alternatives. We do this everyday and also ask you to exercise caution with highly advertised  “whizz bang products with excessive botanicals and few proven actives…”  


At Skin Spa, we hear complaint after complaint from our clients, that have spent a lot of money on products, that don’t have the horsepower to assist your acne condition…


Back acne, unfortunately is difficult to self-manage as it is inaccessible by the arms and most methods of access. This is where the team at Skin Spa can help.


Back acne left untreated, is an infection that can quickly worsen as the acne bacteria can spread from hair follicle to hair follicle with bacteria laden bedding and bath towels…


Acne is a bacterial infection, that can spread rapidly. Skin Spa recommends combination therapy to achieve the most rapid results. What this means is that the external infection is ideally controlled through:

  1. Antibacterial treatments delivered at Skin Spa by experienced and qualified skin therapists using medical grade technology
  2. Home care with acne specialist products suited to your skin type
  3. Lifestyle / hygienic improvements with bedding, cleansing and bathing towels
  4. Diet moderation of fats, oils and sugars, which lessen acne fuel sources
  5. Case severity – we can refer specialist Dermatologists that partner with Skin Spa on short notice, to assist with relevant medications

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So how will Skin Spa approach my back-acne treatment?

At Skin Spa, we listen.

We need to understand your thoughts on triggers for your condition. We will also ask you about when the back acne began. To understand further, we will continue asking a series of questions relating to your diet, home-care routine, your particular hygiene habits and stress levels. For younger folks and teens; This is an ideal time for a parent to be present, to assist in creating a unified front of understanding and support.

From here, we can develop an effective treatment plan for your particular case.

So, what can I expect in an Acne Treatment?

Skin Spa therapists will apply steam to assist in the process of heating and therefore liquefying back acne oils which are known causes of p.acne fuel sources.

Therapists will then triple cleanse using professional grade cleansers, employing different modalities to extract congested pores and where necessary, remove comedones or blackheads.

Where appropriate, a variety of exfoliating peels to assist in removing the hardened and oxidised oil plugs will be applied. We then apply High Frequency and LED technology to perform spot treatments and to apply broad based, anti-bacterial blue light to affected areas. All of which is medical grade technology.

For you to consider…

 As a guide, stubborn conditions such as acne may require 3, 5 or more treatments. In fact, the leading Australian, UK and USA dermatology associations all indicate that a minimum of 3 months of treatment is required to see an improvement.

Regardless of your chosen method, we have learnt that those clients that attack the condition across many fronts (As listed above) will in almost all cases, benefit from a faster and greater improvement with their skin.

Skin Spa naturally supports modern medicine and it has been observed that treating acne with anti-biotics and Roaccutane from the inside (with its known side effects) may not be ideal in the first instance. In the case of young females – Often the contraceptive pill is prescribed by the medical field to balance hormones with young acne sufferers…and then of course, as we often hear…

You may need to consider the thoughts…”do I really want my daughter on the birth control pill, when there are alternative treatments available?”

Skin Spa has many clients including Doctors & health professionals and has been often consulted by many media outlets for commentary on acne management and acne treatment. Read about our results here: (An entertaining reel by the 96.5 FM news Anchor, Tim, having his “blackheads” removed by Skin Spa)

As featured in Professional Beauty Magazine x 2, Urban List (Best Facial Treatments), Style Magazine (Brisbane’s Best Facials x 2), Clinic & Spa Magazine, Ideal Bride (Contributor) and 96.5FM digital with News anchor, Tim Wilson.

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